Course Description

The world is changing fast, and today’s scientists need to communicate with the media, policy makers, and the public more than ever before. From biodiversity loss and climate change to food security and global health, our biggest problems all have science-based solutions. Yet scientists are seldom trained to communicate with audiences outside of academia. We think that every 21st-century scientist can benefit from becoming an expert communicator.

Course Content

This course consists of lectures, hands-on activities, and projects that put skills into practice. Our lessons are drawn not only from our faculty’s professional experience, but from the latest research on how to engage your audience — yes, the science of science communication. Students will put their new knowledge to work with the help of expert science storytellers in every medium: writing, radio, photography, and film. They will learn how to tell compelling stories, and use readily available hardware and software tools to produce professional-quality multimedia content. By the end of the course, each student will have produced a science communication mini-portfolio — a collection of science stories told through writing, audio, and video.

Objectives of course:

  • To provide scientists with skills to communicate to diverse non-science audiences through writing, audio, and video.
  • To produce a series of science stories in a variety of media, enabling students to put their new skills into practice.

Course Faculty

Coordinator: Jane Zelikova

Writing: Hillary Rosner and Michael Kodas

Audio Production: Pat Walters and Molly Webster

Video Production: Neil Losin and Morgan Heim of Days Edge Productions

Pre-Course readings
Our first course module focuses on written communication, led by .
Below are links to stories that Hillary and Michael would like us to read and be prepared to discuss.

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